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Work With Me: Content Marketing & Strategy

Hello, and thanks for spending some time on my blog! If you’re into active travel and engaging travel narratives, then I think we’ll hit it off great.

I’ve written a bit about myself on my About page, from my love for diving and street food to my feelings about January in Ohio. Something I didn’t talk about? My obsession with all things research, planning, writing, and strategy– which is why I love my work as a freelance content marketer.

After graduating with a BA in Creative Writing and a thirst for long-term travel, moving into article writing for travel companies was a no-brainer. Now, with three years of content marketing under my belt, I get excited about long-term projects that involve lots of collaboration and wearing lots of hats. Here are some areas I get super nerdy (and efficient) about:

  • Content strategy and on-page optimization
  • Researching and writing informative articles
  • Crafting creative site copy
  • Email marketing and social media management
  • Online publishing (Hi, welcome to my blog!)

My past clients have included digital marketing agencies, tour operators, start-ups, and top bloggers in the travel and tourism industry, and my work can be seen on,,, and

Are you a travel brand looking to reinvigorate your content or copy, expand your audience, and bring some organization to an ambitious marketing project? If so, get in touch! You can find me at— I’ll be eager to dig into the details.