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El Tunco, El Salvador
Central America, El Salvador

Sprinting Through El Salvador

In my last post, I talked about how thoroughly I screwed up traveling through El Salvador. (In short: no research, little to no knowledge of how the transportation works, virtually no tolerance for a lack of showers and rogue doggos).

But, while I still didn’t love El Salvador, I definitely didn’t hate it. Mostly, I feel sort of guilty for ragging on a place that most visitors rave about, especially when it’s in such a misunderstood country. So, I’m going to (very) briefly run through the things I did enjoy about El Salvador.

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El Tunco, El Solo Travel in El Tunco, El Salvador
Central America, El Salvador

I Suck at Traveling: El Salvador Edition

Can I call this an “edition” if it’s so far the only installment? I contend that yes, dear reader, I can; I have sucked at traveling in so many places. I can’t wait to write about them all. For now, let’s start with El Tunco, El Salvador, my personal traveling nadir and first real foray into solo travel.

I had high hopes for El Salvador, which no doubt contributed to my frustration when everything went to shit there. I had read all about the Ruta de las Flores, the food festival in Juayua, and the beach towns of El Cuco and El Tunco. I had vague plans to spend 2 weeks in the country, which made me feel pretty cool; most people I knew skipped it altogether.

The more popular option: taking a $60 tourist shuttle straight from León, Nicaragua to Antigua, Guatemala. I’ve got a lot of self-mocking to do here, so I won’t harp on this one, but yeah— I was feeling pretty confident in my abilities to travel in El Salvador solo.

Let’s just break this down into a list of failures. There were many.

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Playing Catch-Up

I am verrrrry behind in getting this website up—like 2 years behind. Back in 2016, I was all gung-ho about documenting my trip through Central America, Mexico, Colombia, and Hawaii. But then… I didn’t. And life kept happening. Now, as I’m solidifying plans for my next big trip, I’m playing catch up. Before I kick off my next international trip, I’ll be writing up some of the stops I made through Central America and Hawaii, formally cataloging all the photos and notes that I’ve been sitting on for the last year.

Before I dive into the details, here’s a quick roundup of what I spent 7 months in Latin America doing.

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