Hi, I’m Dylan.

I was raised and live in Columbus, Ohio, but I make a pretty good habit of getting out. After living in Chicago during college, I graduated to traveling and working as a freelance writer. Now, I split my time between my home base in Ohio and traveling.

As a freelancer, I work in article writing and content marketing for travel brands that appreciate engaged, respectful, and sustainable travel. Sometimes.

Other times, I’m lugging a backpack around, cataloging my trips on this site, or at home really just loving Ohio weather. I’m also a diver, crossword aficionado, middling but enthusiastic cook, and plant fan. I like cheap meals, interior design, Spanish, and pets of almost all varieties. I do not like January or straws.

Everywhereish is an ambitious title, and maybe misleading. I’m not so worried about crossing countries off a list. But I can’t think of many places I wouldn’t be curious to see, and I think that’s sort of the point.

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Want to reach out?

I’d love to hear from you! Whether you just read the blog and want to get in touch or are interested in working together, feel free to reach out to dylan@everywhereish.com.